Who We Are?

Who We Are?

A consortium consists from 4 member countries.

The APITHERAPY  consortium is  sectorial well-balanced, and represents research, training institutions, University and user groups.

  • CPIP-Comunitatea pentru Invatarea Permanenta, the lead partner has experience in European LLP projects  and strong expertise in project management. Also the  promoter has  experience and  expertise in making educational content available in agriculture sector.
  • The Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University of Turkey was the coordinator of BEES and co-coordinated the SHEPSKILLS  project very successfully projects related to BEES.  Also university is very experienced in EU projects.
  • Arid Lacjum , the partner from Poland wit expertise and experience in Agriculture sector especial in programs created for beekeepers
  • Balikesir Universitesi from Turkey have a strong commitment to implement the Apitherapy curriculum as part of their accredited course programme.
  • Hungary,  Tudás Alapítvány have long-term experiences  to implement powerful e-learning environments, curricula, and learning materials, especially for the target groups, SMEs in rural regions. Tudás Alapítvány  also participated as a mentor in the ostriches project, and helped to organize a number of dissemination and clustering workshops.
  • Canakkale Ili Ari Yetistiricileri Birligi Association are not so experienced in European programs but  represent the end user group and is working with all stakeholders, agricultural consultants and beekeeping in Turkey.

Members of the consortium combine great expertise in the fields of environmental sustainability, sustainable agriculture, sustainable beekeeping, e-learning, regional development and sustainable economy as well as in accelerating innovation in rural and remote regions. All the partners are members in different European and global networks related to sustainable development and e-learning. Some of the partners have collaborated before and demonstrated great reliability in previous projects.
The consortium selected presents a well-balanced combination of managing, research and development skills. Each of the partners provides broad dissemination opportunities, vast experience and strong links with policy makers. All of them have practical experience in EU- project work. Some of them are used to work with each other on EU founded projects which will guarantee a successful collaboration.

All partners have access to huge networks and will ensure that there will be a transfer beyond the countries involved across Europe.