Third project meeting

The 3rd project meeting of Apitherapy project took place in Hodmezovasarhely between the 3rd and 6th of December 2015, organized by the Hungarian partner, Tudas Alapitvany, with the participation of representatives of the partnership’s organizations, such as CPIP- Comunitatea pentru Invatarea Permanenta, ARID Lacjum, and the Turkish partners from COMU, Balikesir University and Beekeepers Association.

Each member organization of the Apitherapy consortium held a presentation about the activities carried out for our project for the last six months, after the meeting in Turkey 2015 and until the meeting in Hungary.

Another topic written in the agenda was discussed by the partnership: “Development of the project output 3 – APITHERAPY course and web-portal”, for which Balikesir University is the lead partner. The upcoming deadlines were established in order to finalize the completion of this output, the same as for: ”Development of the project output O4 – Validate Apitherapy as European model”, lead by the Hungarian hosts, TUDAS Alapitvany.

Quality and dissemination aspects were also debated amongst the consortium, emphasizing what has to be done until the final meeting in Poland. The final topics approached by the Apitherapy project partnership were the financial and administrative regulations.